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QAD Solutions
From manufacturing plants, warehouses and financial operations to supply chain partners, marketing and sales¡ªyour success is contingent on all of these elements working together. Exclusive focus on any single aspect of your business risks the fine balance that makes your enterprise efficient and effective.
QAD enterprise solutions provide manufacturers with the core business processes of their enterprise. We strive to offer the latest, most comprehensive software for global manufacturers to achieve seamless management, analysis, planning and control related to all aspects of the manufacturing entity.
Financial modules provide for complete financial management of the enterprise¡ªgiving decision-makers immediate access to crucial financial data. Manufacturing modules regulate all manufacturing activity within various types of production environments. Supply chain execution capabilities let you to manage supply and demand among distributed operations, and help control costs across the supply chain. Service capabilities provide for comprehensive customer support after the sale¡ªincluding call center, contract management, installation management, warranty, repair and mobile field service.
Designed for Global Business and Maximum Flexibility
Designed for global business and maximum flexibility to accommodate your operations, QAD solutions are further distinguished by a depth of functionality for the six industries we serve: automotive, consumer goods, electronics, food and beverage, industrial and medical manufacturers.
QAD solutions are designed for organizations spanning multiple sites, multiple currencies and multiple entities. Our enterprise applications are available in 26 languages and have been implemented in more than 80 countries.
The Latest Thinking and Leading Technology
QAD's open standards-based architecture provides a solid foundation for collaboration and simplifies integration with other systems¡ªenabling connectivity with your customers and suppliers wherever they are located. QAD technology provides the flexibility to create a shared services domain for multiple day-to-day operations where central control and standardization make sense.
And QAD continues to introduce new functionality to support our customers' needs. From the most recent release of our enterprise platform¡ªMFG/PRO¡ªand continuing with our new Lean Manufacturing module and our supply chain execution suite, QAD is delivering on our promise to help manufacturers eliminate waste and continuously streamline their operations.
Working Together to Deliver Success
QAD solutions incorporate more than two decades of manufacturing expertise, and we enhance that fundamental advantage with a team of global service professionals to help you address your business needs and solve any challenges you face. Our skilled experts can advise on a broad range of manufacturing topics including best practices, systems management, change management and supply chain execution. They work side-by-side with your organization to develop a vision and plan for accomplishing your goals.
Greater Value and Less Risk
QAD understands how to help companies like yours gain real value from technology investments. It starts with the way QAD products are designed, and carries through to the speed with which they are deployed and the time it takes to realize the benefits.
Our customers find that QAD solutions offer greater value and less risk¡ªas little as one-third the cost and one-third the implementation time of other similar software. And they're seeing impressive results. Streamlined order taking and financial processes. Reduced inventories and increased cash flow. Better customer service and more new business. Higher product quality and faster time-to-market. QAD solutions help improve virtually all aspects of the enterprise.
Confirmed by META Group as ERP Value Leader
A META Group study confirms the value manufacturers receive with QAD solutions. It revealed that for manufacturing companies utilizing an ERP system, QAD delivers the lowest total cost of ownership relative to company revenue (Relative TCO); the fastest time to implement (TTI); and the highest average annual quantifiable benefits as a percentage of TCO. The study compared more than 200 customers' software installations, including industry-leading products.
QAD solutions offer proven value and a low-risk choice, with the lowest cost of ownership, fastest time to implement, solid ROI and a vision for the future.
For global manufacturers, there is only one choice. QAD delivers.

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